We are seeking additional contributing editors to join our editorial collective within the next three months.


About us: The Journal of the History of Ideas Blog (JHI Blog), launched in 2015, is an online publication that aims to bring together today’s varied, burgeoning conversations in the field of intellectual history, broadly conceived. Like our parent journal, we understand intellectual history as an ecumenical and expansive field, encompassing a diverse set of methods, regional emphases, and periods, and bordering upon many other subfields and disciplines. We supplement the work of the JHI by commenting speedily on developments in the field, highlighting the perspectives of graduate students and early-career researchers, and presenting research in a different format from that afforded by print journals. 

The JHI Blog is coordinated by graduate students and supported by a community of committed contributing editors and guest contributors from a broad spectrum of higher education and public history institutions. We feature new content 2-3 times a week and cover various formats, including think pieces, written interviews, podcast interviews, conference reports, and exhibition reviews. Promoting new and exciting original scholarship, the Blog reaches a wide audience within and beyond the academy.

Responsibilities: Contributing editors (CEs) create, edit, and curate digital content for the JHI Blog on a voluntary basis. Their role is crucial in creating a platform for new voices, highlighting the work of fellow junior scholars, and critically engaging with debates and developments in the field. Working closely with the primary editors, CEs actively commission within their professional networks and also contribute their own pieces as desired. They should aspire to either commission or author a piece for the Blog roughly every 6 weeks. In addition, CEs have the opportunity to contribute to our monthly reading recommendations, host an episode for our podcast, organize thematic fora, and engage with published authors from our parent journal under our new rubric Broadly Speaking. All work is completed online and there are no required regular meetings.

The CE position is especially well-suited to graduate students and early-career scholars and offers access to a broad scholarly network and online community on Twitter and Facebook. We are particularly eager to extend our coverage of fields, experiences and methods not traditionally well-represented in intellectual history. Whatever the primary area of specialty, we would love to hear from a variety of disciplines beyond history.

Interested in joining? We are looking for new editors to begin soliciting and contributing pieces ideally within the next three months. Send us a brief email with your research and commissioning interests, your CV, and a brief writing sample of your choice (a blog post, conference paper, essay, book review, etc.) at blogjhi@gmail.com.