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Companion Piece

Three responses to Samuel Moyn’s “Hannah Arendt among the Cold War Liberals”

By Seyla Benhabib, Andrew Gibson, and Artur Banaszewski

Recycled Words: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Original Literature

by guest contributor Justin Willson

“How Do You Solve a Problem Like Menasseh?”

By Professor Steven Nadler Read Professor Nadler’s full article from this season’s JHI, “Spinoza and Menasseh ben Israel: Facts and Fictions.” It just goes to show: even a rabbi can sometimes bend the truth a little, especially in the heat… Continue Reading →

In Theory: The JHI Blog Podcast

By Co-Hosts Simon Brown and Disha Karnad Jani In the past few months, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with several scholars on their new and forthcoming work, and we’ve found these conversations surprising, entertaining, and intellectually exciting. Through these… Continue Reading →

Transitions, Thresholds, Traditions. Hans Blumenberg and Historical Thought

By Daniel Weidner This is a companion piece to Daniel Weidner’s recent article in the Journal of the History of Ideas, ‘The History of Dogma and the Story of Modernity: The Modern Age as the “Second Overcoming of Gnosticism”. Like identical… Continue Reading →

Hegel and the Sphinx: The Riddle of World History

By Nicholas Germana Professor Germana’s essay “The Creuzerstreit and Hegel’s Philosophy of History” is in the most recent Journal of the History of Ideas. In his July 2002 article in JHI, on “Greek Origins and Organic Metaphors: Ideals of Cultural… Continue Reading →

Return of the King? Monarchy in American Thought

By Zach Bates This is a companion essay to the author’s “The Idea of Royal Empire and the Imperial Crown of England, 1542–1698”, published in the January 2019 edition of the JHI. Into the twenty-first century, it has been a… Continue Reading →

 Ruminant machines: a twentieth-century episode in the material history of ideas

This essay is a companion piece by Daniela K. Helbig for the article, ‘Life without toothache’, in the latest issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas, 80/1 (2019), 91-112. Writing tools: between the history of ideas and media theory Openly… Continue Reading →

A German Olive Tree in Barcelona: Textual Truths and Religious Consequences

By Editor Spencer J. Weinreich This post is a companion piece to Spencer’s article in volume 80, number 1 of JHI, “Hagiography by the Book: Bibliomancy and Early Modern Cultures of Compilation in Francisco Zumel’s De vitis patrum (1588).” He slept, and was… Continue Reading →

Paul et Virginie, or the Misfortune of Religious Enlightenment

by guest contributor Marco Menin Paul et Virginie, or the Misfortune of Religious Enlightenment The first time I read Paul et Virginie I was nearly ten years old, attending elementary school in a small town in Northern Italy. Among the… Continue Reading →

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