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Broadly Speaking: An Interview with Joyce E. Chaplin, Part One

Alec Israeli interviews Joyce E. Chaplin about her review essay considering recent books on the concept of the Anthropocene. (Part one of a two-part interview.)

Capitalizing Truth: Pragmatism and the Logics of Capital

by Daniel Judt

Finding Faith in History: Muhammad Iqbal’s History of Ideas

by Luke Wilkinson

Evald Ilyenkov’s Ecology of Personality

by Isabel Jacobs

The Myth of Herbert Butterfield’s Political Realism

by Matt Andersen

Their Civilization—Whose Archaeology?

by Diptarka Datta

Prudence as Virtue Politics: The Rhetoric of Prudentia in Sixteenth-Century Venice

by Martina Calì

Broadly Speaking: An Interview with Charles Clavey on Antisemitism and the Development of Critical Theory

Grant Wong interviews Charles H. Clavey about his recent JHI article, “‘The Stereotype Takes Care of Everything’: Labor Antisemitism and Critical Theory During World War II.”

“Bears Do Not Roam the Streets”: Woman Suffrage and the Reimagining of the American West

by Jordyn H. May

Edmund Burke, the Last Conservative

by Samuel Harrison

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