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Prudence as Virtue Politics: The Rhetoric of Prudentia in Sixteenth-Century Venice

by Martina Calì

Acqua Panna: When History Makes Bottled Waters

By contributing editor Luna Sarti

Leonardo’s Leicester Codex at the Uffizi Galleries: a review of “Water as Microscope of Nature”

By contributing editor Luna Sarti This year several events will take place across the world to celebrate Leonardo da Vinci on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death. In Florence, where Leonardo lived and worked for several years,… Continue Reading →

Representing Material Evidence: The Catacombs in Print

by Madeline McMahon Antonio Bosio’s Roma sotterranea was published posthumously in 1634. Bosio’s original manuscript, now in the Biblioteca Vallicelliana, was finally brought to print by the Oratorian scholar Giovanni Severano. The book would have cost a fortune—it was over… Continue Reading →

Hellenism and the Materiality of Greek Books in Renaissance Italy

by guest contributor Anna Gialdini In the Preface to the Magnum ac perutile Dictionarium (1523), Janus Laskaris put words into the mouth of his pupil Guarino Favorino about Favorino’s ethnic identity. Favorino argued that while his parents were Italian, he… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Meredith Ray, Daughters of Alchemy

by guest contributor Elisabeth Brander Alchemy, and its association with the quest for the always-elusive philosopher’s stone, is one of the most fascinating aspects of early modern science. It was not only a tool to effect the transmutation of metals… Continue Reading →

Medardo Rosso’s Casts, Copies and Prints: Illuminating the Artist’s Process

By guest contributor Jeremy Bleeke The life and work of Medardo Rosso (1858-1928) has traditionally been divided by scholars into two phases: an initial period of creative fecundity, and a late period characterized by processes of reproduction, repetition, and copying,… Continue Reading →

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