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Broadly Speaking: An Interview with Joyce E. Chaplin, Part One

Alec Israeli interviews Joyce E. Chaplin about her review essay considering recent books on the concept of the Anthropocene. (Part one of a two-part interview.)

The Concept as a Struggle of Parts

by guest contributor Ruben Verkoelen

Remembering MERS in South Korea: Mobilizing Experience of Epidemic Disease

by guest contributor John DiMoia

French Symbolism and the Origins of Analytic Philosophy

by contributing editor David Kretz

Divi filius: The Comet of 44 BCE and the Politics of Late Republican Rome

By guest contributor Dora Gao Celestial objects and events have appeared in the historical record for a myriad of reasons, serving as portents of either fortune or doom or asserting the divine authority of a ruler. The comet of 44… Continue Reading →

Watts in Water

By guest contributor Nicole Welk-Joerger In September 2016, Sadie Frericks, a Minnesota dairy farmer, recounted a moment in Hoard’s Dairyman when she and her husband noticed their heifers were trying to tell them something. She noted that the heifers “wouldn’t stop… Continue Reading →

Leonardo’s Leicester Codex at the Uffizi Galleries: a review of “Water as Microscope of Nature”

By contributing editor Luna Sarti This year several events will take place across the world to celebrate Leonardo da Vinci on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death. In Florence, where Leonardo lived and worked for several years,… Continue Reading →

The Taste of Water

by contributing editor Luna Sarti

John Parkinson and the Rise of Botany in the 17th Century

By Guest Contributor Molly Nebiolo The roots of contemporary botany have been traced back to the botanical systems laid out by Linnaeus in the eighteenth century. Yet going back in further in time reveals some of the key figures who… Continue Reading →

Functional Promiscuity: The Choreography and Architecture of the Zinc Gang

By Contributing Editor Nuala F. Caomhánach   The tale about gag knuckles, taz-two, hairpin, ribbons, and treble clef is quite elusive.  Although they sound more like nicknames of a 1920’s bootlegging gang (at least to me) they are the formal… Continue Reading →

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