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Broadly Speaking: A Companion Interview

Bureaucratic Documents as Sources for the History of Ideas: An Interview with Shoufu Yin

Shoufu Yin in conversation with Alexander Collin about Yin’s article in JHI volume 83, issue 4.

From Aristotle to Machiavelli: An Interview with Giorgio Lizzul

Giorgio Lizzul in conversation with Elsa Costa about Lizzul’s article in JHI volume 83, issue 3.

Richard Hofstadter’s Paranoid Style: An Interview with Andrew McKenzie-McHarg

Andrew McKenzie-McHarg in conversation with Grant Wong about McKenzie-McHarg’s article in JHI volume 83, issue 3.

Ephemeral Documents and Enduring Debates: An Interview with Daniel Blank

By Nuala P. Caomhánach.

The Far Right in Contemporary France: An Interview with Sarah Shurts

Sarah Shurts in conversation with Alex Collin about her article in JHI volume 83, issue 3.

William Callison on Max Weber, Ludwig von Mises and State Economic Planning

By contributing editor Alex Collin

Jacob Jensen on Repurposing Mises: Murray Rothbard and the Birth of Anarchocapitalism

by contributing editor Elsa Costa

Niklas Olsen and Quinn Slobodian on Locating Ludwig von Mises

By contributing editor Nuala P. Caomhánach

Stefania Tutino on Credulity, Credibility, and Belief in the Shadow of Mt. Vesuvius’s Eruption of 1660

By contributing editor Glauco Schettini

Tomás Valle on Eilhard Lubin, Academic Unorthodoxy and post-Reformation Theology

by contributing editor Jacob Saliba

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