by Disha Karnad Jani

In this latest episode of In Theory, Disha Karnad Jani interviews Tehila Sasson, Assistant Professor of Britain and the World in the Department of History at Emory University. In this interview, the author discusses her new book The Solidarity Economy: Nonprofits and the Making of Neoliberalism after Empire (Princeton University Press, 2024). Sasson shows how British nonprofits sought to create an ethical capitalism in the decades immediately after the Second World War and traces how many of the core concepts and practices of neoliberalism grew out of experiments from the left-liberal nonprofit sector in the era of decolonization.

Disha Karnad Jani is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Research Training Group (RTG) “World Politics” at Universität Bielefeld. Her current book project is an intellectual history of the League Against Imperialism, 1927-1937. She is the co-host of In Theory, the podcast of the JHI Blog.

Featured image: Cover of The Solidarity Economy (Princeton University Press, 2024). Jacket design: Heather Hansen.