The latest issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas (volume 85, issue 2, April 2024) is now live on Project MUSE.

Over the coming weeks, we will publish short interviews with some of the authors featured in this issue about the historical and historiographical context of their respective essays. Look out for these conversations under the rubric Broadly Speaking.

Table of Contents
April 2024

Prisoner, Sailor, Soldier, Spy: Hobbes on Coercion and Consent
Daniel Luban 

The Speech without Doors: A Genre, 1627–1769
Ruby Lowe 

Sophie de Grouchy’s Political Thought in the Letters on Sympathy (1798)
Minchul Kim 

Neo-Confucianism and the Development of German Idealism
Germaine A. Hoston 

A Food Utopia? Italian Colonial Visions of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, 1911–13
Or Rosenboim 

When Jupiter Meets Saturn: Aby Warburg, Karl Sudhoff, and Astrological Medicine in the Age of Disenchantment
Xinyi Wen 

Historicizing a Dream of Complete Science
Nasser Zakariya 

Conceitos and Conceptos: The Weight of Words in the Iberian World
Mauricio Tenorio-Trillo