As the year is drawing to a close, we are looking back on some of the highlights we have published over the course of 2022. A big thank you to all of our authors, editors, and readers!


A New German Historians’ Debate? A Conversation with Sultan Doughan, A. Dirk Moses, and Michael Rothberg (Part I and Part II), by Jonathon Catlin.

How Nietzsche Came In From the Cold: An Interview with Philipp Felsch (Part I and Part II), by Isabel Jacobs.

Lukács and the Early Frankfurt Institute: An Interview with Alexander Dmitriev, by Véronique Mickisch.

“You Know It’s Fake, Right?” Fandom and the Idea of Legitimacy in Professional Wrestling, by Aaron D. Horton.

Cassirer and Heidegger in Davos: An Interview with Simon Truwant, by Isabel Jacobs.

Take the Time to End: Schiller, Hegel, and the Dangers of Poetry, by Ivan Boldyrev.

The Transatlantic Machiavelli: “Reason of State” and Twentieth-Century Power Politics, by Andrew Gibson.

Margaret Cavendish, ‘Restoring Beds, or Wombs,’ and a Feminist-Materialist Quest for Everlasting Life, by Anne M. Thell.

Subaltern Politics and the Question of Being– An Interview with Ranajit Guha, by Milinda Banerjee.

A Very English Story: The Transition between Feudalism and Capitalism in Merrie Olde Englande, by Julián González de León.

The Political Thought of Adam Smith: An Interview with Paul Sagar, by Serena Cho.

Morris R. Cohen’s Critical Lessons in Legal Reasoning by Samuel Turner.

Isaac Nakhimovsky on Georg Lukács and Revolutionary Realpolitik, by Thomas Furse.

The Image of the British State in the Macartney Mission to Qing China, by Gongchen Yang.

Non-Human Intellectual History: Virtual Issue 1.1, by Shuvatri Dasgupta.

Featured Image: Pierre Mignard I, “Clio,” 1689. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.