The new issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas (January 2022, 83.1) is now live on Project MUSE.

Over the coming weeks, we will publish short interviews with some of the authors featured in this issue about the historical and historiographical context of their respective essays. Look out for these conversations under the rubric Broadly Speaking.

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Daniele Iozzia, A Beginner’s Success: The Impact of Plotinus’s First Treatise among Christians, pp. 1-16

Dan Edelstein, A “Revolution” in Political Thought: Translations of Polybius Book 6 and the Conceptual History of Revolution, pp. 17-40

Karie Schultz, Protestant Intellectual Culture and Political Ideas in the Scottish Universities, ca. 1600–50, pp. 41-62

Isaac Nakhimovsky, Georg Lukács and Revolutionary Realpolitik, 1918–19: An Essay on Ethical Action, Historical
Judgment, and the History of Political Thought
, pp. 63-85

Misha Tadd, Global Laozegetics: A Study in Globalized Philosophy, pp. 87-109

Isaiah Lorado Wilner, Body Knowledge, Part I: Dance, Anthropology, and the Erasure of History, pp. 111-142

Sarah Johnson, Farewell to The German Ideology, pp. 143-170

Books Received, pp. 171-173

Notices, 175-177