As the year is drawing to a close, we are looking back on some of the highlights we have published over the course of 2021. A big thank you to all of our authors, contributing editors, and readers!


The Woman as “Work-Machine”: Gender and Anticommunism in Postwar Germany, by Yanara Schmacks.

Quandaries of Quinine, by Jessica Sequeira.

Franz Boas and the “School of Rebellious Women”, by Gesine Krüger.

Decolonize Intellectual History! An Agenda for the Capitalocene, by Milinda Banerjee.

“‘The Present’ is Merely a Fragile Consensus”: An Interview on Power and Time (Part I and Part II), by Jonathon Catlin.

Imagining Nova Scotia: The Limits of an Eighteenth-Century Imperial Fantasy, by Alexandra L. Montgomery.

“You’re a Human Being Before You’re an Intellectual”: An Interview with Peter Wirzbicki (Part I and Part II), by Alec Israeli.

Podcast: William H. Sewell Jr. on Commercial Capitalism and Civic Equality, by Simon Brown.

The Idea of Work, From Below, by Joel Suarez.

From Æthelflæd to Ælfthryth: The Idea of Queenship in Tenth-Century England, by Matthew Firth.

Simón Bolívar: Theorist of Empire, by Peter Morgan.

Reality as Representation? Ernst Cassirer and Alexandre Kojève on Indeterminism, by Isabel Jacobs.

Featured Image: Jean Arp, “Relief, Clock,” 1914. Courtesy of WikiArt.