The new issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas (October 2021, 82.4) is now live on Project MUSE.

Over the coming weeks, we will publish short interviews with some of the authors featured in this issue about the historical and historiographical context of their respective essays. Look out for these conversations under the new rubric Broadly Speaking.


Samu Niskanen, Anselm’s Predicament: The Proslogion and Anti-intellectual Rhetoric in the Aftermath of the Berengarian Controversy, pp. 547–568

Julian Koch, The “Urbild” or “Einbildung”: The Archetype in the Imagination in Eighteenth-Century German Aesthetics, pp. 569–591

David Dunning, The Logician in the Archive: John Venn’s Diagrams and Victorian Historical Thinking, pp. 593–614

Martin Beddeleem, Epistemological Battles on the Home Front: Early Neoliberals at War against the Social Relations of Science Movement, pp. 615–636

Sarah C. Dunstan, The Capital of Race Capitals: Toward a Connective Cartography of Black Internationalisms, pp. 637–660 [OPEN ACCESS]

Jenny Andersson, Planning the American Future: Daniel Bell, Future Research, and the Commission on the Year 2000, pp. 661–682

Babette Hellemans, The Immeasurability of the Monastic Mind: Writing about Peter Abelard (1079-1142), pp. 683–701

Books Received (pp. 703–704) [OPEN ACCESS]

Notices (pp. 705–707)