The new issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas (October 2020, 81.4) is now live on Project MUSE.

Over the coming weeks, we will publish short interviews with some of the authors featured in this issue about the historical and historiographical context of their respective essays. Look out for these conversations under the new rubric Broadly Speaking.

Nikhil Menon’s article and the Books Received section are both available without a Project MUSE subscription.

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Bart Wauters, “Aquinas, ius gentium, and the Decretists” (pp. 509–29) 

Polly Ha, “Revolutionizing the New Model Army: Ecclesiastical Independence, Social Justice, and Political Legitimacy” (pp. 531–53) 

Pannill Camp, “The Theatre of Moral Sentiments: Neoclassical Dramaturgy and Adam Smith’s Impartial Spectator” (pp. 555–76) 

Bill Jenkins, “Physiology of the Haunted Mind: Naturalistic Theories of Apparitions in Early Nineteenth-Century Scotland” (pp. 577–97) 

Zoe Beenstock, “Reforming Utilitarianism: Lyric Poetry in J. S. Mill’s “Thoughts on Poetry and Its Varieties” and Autobiography” (pp. 599–620) 

Stéphane Guy, “Negotiating an “Economic Revolution”: History, Collectivism, and Liberalism in William Clarke’s Thought” (pp. 621–42) 

Nikhil Menon, “Gandhi’s Spinning Wheel: The Charkha and Its Regenerative Effects” (pp. 643–62)
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Books Received
pp. 663 
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pp. 667–69 

Contents of Volume 81
pp. 673–74