The latest number of the Journal of the History of Ideas (April 2020, 81.2) is now live on Project MUSE. Along with all JHI volumes, it has been made free to access for any reader.

Sean Silver, “The Emergence of Texture,” 169-194.

Sharon Achinstein, “Hugo Grotius and Marriage’s Global Past: Conjugal Thinking in Early Modern Political Thought,” 195-215

Jonas Nordin and John Christian Laursen, “Northern Declarations of Freedom of the Press: The Relative Importance of Philosophical Ideas and of Local Politics,” 217-237.

Fayçal Falaky, “The Cloche and its Critics: Muting the Church’s Voice in Pre-Revolutionary France,” 239-255.

Kazutaka Inamura, “J.S. Mill on Liberty, Socratic Dialectic, and the Logic behind Political Discourse,” 257-277.

James Robertson, “Communism as Religious Phenomenon: Phenomenology and Catholic Socialism in Yugoslav Slovenia, 1927-1942,” 279-301.

Camille Robcis, “Frantz Fanon, Institutional Psychotherapy, and the Decolonization of Psychiatry,” 303-325.

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