The latest number of the Journal of the History of Ideas is now live on Project MUSE

We are delighted to share the table of contents from volume 81, no. 1 (January 2020) of the Journal of the History of Ideas, now available from Project MUSE, and we hope to feature companion pieces from many of the authors in this issue in the coming weeks.

Justin Willson, “A Meadow that Lifts the Soul: Originality as Anthologizing in the Byzantine Church Interior,” pp. 1–21

Cornel Zwierlein, “Orient contra China: Eusèbe Renaudot’s Vision of World History (ca. 1700),” pp. 23–44

David Sclar, “Perfecting Community as ‘One Man’: Moses Ḥayim Luzzatto’s Pietistic Confraternity in Eighteenth-Century Padua,” pp. 45–66

J. Louise McCray, “‘Peril in the means of its diffusion’: William Godwin on Truth and Social Media,” pp. 67–84

Morgan Robinson, “The Idea of the Upelekwa: Constructing a Transcontinental Community in Eastern Africa, 1888–96,” pp. 85–106 (open access)

Joshua Smeltzer, “Technology, Law, and Annihilation: Carl Schmitt’s Critique of Utopianism,” pp. 107–29

Jeanne Morefield, “Crashing the Cathedral: Historical Reassessments of Twentieth-Century International Relations,” pp. 131–55

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