We’re taking a brief hiatus from our usual publishing schedule during this last week of 2019, but we’ll be back with the New Year. Until then, here are some of our most popular posts from the past year. Happy Holidays, All!

“Enlightenment and the Discovery of Human Extinction” by Thomas Moynihan

Postscript: The Various Afterlives of Global History by Sarah Claire Dunstan (from our forum on Sebastian Conrad’s What is Global History?)

“How do we understand each other? The Contemporary Relevance of Cassirer’s and Heidegger’s Historic Disputation at Davos” by Andrew Hines

“Should we ‘just keep swimming'”? by Luna Sarti

“A ‘Rape’ by Any Other Name: Against Teaching ‘Abductions’ in Greek Art” by Rebecca Levitan

“Reinhart Koselleck on Modernity, Memorials, and the Meaninglessness of History” by Ella Myer

“Intellectual History’s Grounds: A Conversation with Martin Jay” by Alec Walker

“Begriffsgeschichte’s History: Between Historicization of Concepts and Conceptual Politics” an interview with Falko Schmieder by Jonas Knatz