Volume 80, No. 4 of the Journal of the History of Ideas

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Francesco Quatrini, “Adam Borreal on Collegiant Freedom of Speech”
Steven Nadler, “Spinoza and Menasseh ben Israel: Facts and Fictions”
Dabney Townsend, “On Genius: The Development of a Philosophical Concept in Eighteenth-Century Britain”
J. Laurence Hare, Fabian Link, “The Idea of Volk and the Origins of Völkisch Research, 1800–1930s”
Raúl Martínez Martínez, “Geoffrey Scott and Modern Architectural Thought: The Creation of a Legacy throughout the Twentieth Century”
Hugo Drochon, “Raymond Aron’s “Machiavellian” Liberalism”
Khairudin Aljunied, “Deformations of the Secular: Naquib Al-Attas’s Conception and Critique of Secularism”