Support current and future graduate students with this open repository of reading lists

Dear Historians of Ideas,

It goes without saying that the graduate school comprehensive exam is one of the more daunting challenges of academic life. The very assembly of a reading list can become an ungainly and depleting ordeal in itself, which the graduate student often encounters on their own.

To provide a space where scholars at different career stages can support each other in this process, the JHI Blog is compiling an open archive of comprehensive exam readings lists in Intellectual History by current and former graduate students. We also invite faculty to send in lists that they like to examine students on. As with our published material, we define Intellectual History capaciously; we also hope that this resource will represent a wide range of scholars and institutions.

Your list should included correct bibliographical information in your preferred citation format. After review, it will become accessible as a PDF under a special tab on the Blog. You may include your contact information and institution if you wish, and the examiner’s name, if they consent. If you would like to submit a reading list that was assigned to you by an examiner, please get their consent to share it. Please send reading lists to at any point.

Thanks for reading,

JHI Blog Editors