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Some reading gathered for you from around the web by members of the JHIBlog team. Let us know what else has caught your eye this week in the comments!
Mary Beard, “Sex and Death in the Classical World” (New Statesman)
Jonathan Carey, “The Africans Who Called Tudor England Home” (Atlas Obscura)
Graeme Smith and Louisa Lim, “Policing the Contour Lines: China’s Cartographic Obsession” (Chinoiresie, The Little Red Podcast)
Doreen St. Felix, “The National Geographic Twins and the Falsehood of our Post-racial Future” (New Yorker)
Martin Jay, “A History of Alienation” (Aeon)
Andrew Dole, “Could there be another Billy Graham?” (The Conversation)
Amy Murrell Taylor, “The historian who admired slavers” (TLS)
Josephine Quinn “Caesar Bloody Caesar” (NYRB)
Becca Rothfeld, “A Day at a Time” (The Nation)
Kyla Marshell, interview with Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o (Guardian)