Here’s what our editorial team has been reading this week—let us know what you think and what you’ve been reading!
Tim Rogan, Why Amartya Sen remains the century’s great critic of capitalism (Aeon)
Jamie Fisher, The Left-Handed Kid (LRB)
Adam Roberts, Till Tomorrow (New Atlantis)
Heather Bowen-Struyk and Norma Field, ““Art as a Weapon”: Japanese Proletarian Literature on the Centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution,” (The Asia-Pacific Journal)
Anne Enright, “The Genesis of Blame,” (LRB)
Jiayang Fan, “Can Wine Transform China’s Countryside?” (New Yorker)
Anne Mette Lundtofte, “The Kim Wall Murder Trial,” (New Yorker)
Manisha Sinha, “Today’s Eerie Echoes of the Civil War,” (NYRB)
Marta Figlerowicz, “The Disillusionment of Post-Soviet Europe” (Boston Review)
Cassidy Faust, “7 Activists of Color You Should Read This International Women’s Day” (LitHub)
Allison Keyes, “Two Museum Directors Say It’s Time to Tell the Unvarnished History of the U.S.” (Smithsonian)
Paola Bertucci, “It Wasn’t Just Philosophers Like Diderot Who Invented the Enlightenment” (History News Network)
David A. Bell, “The PowerPoint Philosophe” (The Nation)
Ian Campbell Ross, “Alas, Poor YORICK!” (Public Domain Review)
James Campbell, “Jimmy is Everywhere” (TLS)
Dana Fishkinn, “Magic and Science in Medieval Ashkenaz” (Marginalia)