Here are some pieces from around the internet that have caught the eyes of our editorial team this week:
Garbage, Genius, or Both? Three Ways of Looking at Infinite Jest” (LitHub)
Editors, “Debating the Uses and Abuses of ‘Neoliberalism’: Forum” (Dissent)
Sean Wilentz, “The High Table Liberal” (NYRB)
Karen Kelsky, “When will we stop elevating predators?” (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Nick Richardson, “Even What Doesn’t Happen is Epic” (LRB)
Frederic Raphael, “Aryan Ghetto of One” (TLS)
David Dabydeen, “From royal trumpeter to chief diver, Miranda Kaufmann uncovers the Africans of Tudor Britain” (New Statesman)
Mark A. Michelson and John Ryle, “Remembering Paul Robeson” (NYRB)
Alex Ross, “The Rediscovery of Florence Price” (New Yorker)
Bennett Gilbert, “The Dreams of an Inventor in 1420” (Public Domain Review)
Charlotte Higgins, “The Cult of Mary Beard,” (Guardian)
Cressida Leyshon, “Jhumpa Lahiri on Writing in Italian,” (New Yorker)
Erik Moshe, “What I’m Reading: An Interview with Historian Ashley D. Farmer,” (History News Network)
Susan Pedersen, “One-Man Ministry,” (LRB)
Bridget Minamore, “Black Men Walking: a hilly hike through 500 years of black British history” (The Guardian)
Gavin Walker and Ken Kawashima, “Surplus Alongside Excess: Uno Kōzō, Imperialism, and the Theory of Crisis” (Viewpoint Magazine)