We’re taking a brief sabbatical for a week during the festive season. Here is a list of our most popular posts this year to keep you in reading until we return in the New Year. Happy Holidays Everyone!
“In Dread of Derrida,” by Jonathon Catlin.
“Global/Universal History: A Warning,” by Disha Karnad Jani.
“Towards an Intellectual History of the Alt-Right?” by Yitzchak Schwartz.
“Global History of Ideas: A Sea for Fish on Dry Land,” by Dag Herbjørnsrud.
“We Should Justify Ourselves No More: Felwine Starr’s Afrotopia,” by Laetitia Citroen.
“Alice Ambrose and Life Unfettered By Philosophy in Wittgenstein’s Cambridge,” by David Loner.
“Book Forum: History as Critique,” by Michael Meng.
“How the Nineteenth Century Misplaced the Samaritans,” by Matthew Chalmers.