Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Pankaj Mishra, “What Is Great About Ourselves” (LRB)
Rembert Browne, “Colin Kaepernick Has a Job” (Bleacher Report)
Toni Morrison, “The Color Fetish” (The New Yorker)
Wyatt Mason, “Violence and Creativity” (NYRB)
Ruth Graham, “Could Father Mychal Judge Be the First Gay Saint?” (Slate)
Geoffrey Stone and Eric J. Segall, “Faith, Law, and Diane Feinstein” (NYT), responding to Noah Feldman, “Feinstein’s Anti-Catholic Questions are an Outrage” (Bloomberg)
Jon Baskin, “Philosophy and the Gods of the City: Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft’s “Thinking in Public,” (LARB)
Adrien Chen, “The Fake News Fallacy,” (The New Yorker)
Oona A. Hathaway and Scott J. Shapiro, “Making war illegal changed the world. But it’s becoming too easy to break the law,” (Guardian)
Parul Sehgal, “The Gloom, Doom and Occasional Joy of Writing Life,” (NYT)
Maura Ewing, “How One Agency is Fixing American Amnesia about Reconstruction” (Pacific Standard)
Jennet Conant, “From Triumph to Terror” (Lithub)
James McCorkle, “A History of Barbed Wire” (New England Review)
John Lanchester, “The Case Against Civilization” (The New Yorker)
Charlotte Gao, “One Man, One Road: A Funny Tale of Civic Protest in China” (The Diplomat)
Leah Donnella, Kat Chow, Gene Demby “What Our Monuments (Don’t) Teach Us About Remembering the Past” (NPR)
Susan Sontag, “Simone Weil” (NYRB)
Okwui Enwezor with David Carrier & Joachim Pissaro, “In Conversation” (Brooklyn Rail)
Mary Jo Bang, “Five Hundred Glass Negatives” (The Paris Review)
Ken Gordon, “Narration Vs.Curation” (Design Observer)
The fall books issue of the NYRB is excellent! I’ve enjoyed these pieces:
Tim Flannery, “Gone Fishing” (NYRB)
Geoffrey O’Brien, “Five Magnificent Years” (NYRB)
Edmund White, “Under a Spell” (NYRB)
Joyce Carol Oates, “The Poet of Freakiness” (NYRB)
Film Series:
New Yorkers should check out Anthology’s “The Cinema of Transgression: Trans Film,” screening September 15-25 and Metrograph’s “UCLA Festival of Preservation,” September 15-20.