Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Kate Evans, “Day in the Working Life of a Historian: Kate Evans,” (Vida)
John Rapley, “How Economics Became a Religion,” (Guardian Long Reads)
James Robertson, “The Life and Death of Yugoslav Socialism,” (Jacobin)
Andy Seal, “The Controversy Over Democracy in Chains,” (USIH Blog)
Robyn Spencer, “Writing an Organizational History of the Black Panthers: An Author’s Response,” (Black Perspectives)
Rebecca Rideal, “Forget the big historical names, it’s historic fear of disease that Game of Thrones nails” (New Statesman)
John Toohey, “The Long, Forgotten Walk of David Ingram” (Public Domain Review)
Rhodri Lewis, “Pre-Modern Post-Truth” (LARB)
Hua Hsu, “Stuart Hall and the Rise of Cultural Studies” (The New Yorker)
Christina Heatherton, “Not Just Being Right, But Getting Free: Reflections on Class, Race, and Marxism” (Verso Blog)
Brenna M. Munro, “Atlantic Got Your Tongue: On The Poetry of Safia Elhillo” (Public Books)
If you can, get yourself over to Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum to see “Raphael: The Drawings.” If you can’t, well, here are some reviews that you can read:
>Andrew Butterfield, “Raphael Up Close” (NYRB)
>Charles Hope, “At the Ashmolean” (LRB)
>Catherine Whistler, the curator of the Ashmolean exhibition, on her approach to curating an exhibition of Raphael’s drawings, “A New Way to Look at Raphael” (Apollo)
On time and its monuments:
Anthony Grafton, “Invented Antiquities” (LRB)
Heidi Julavits, “The Art at the End of the World” (NY Times)
Yo-Yo Ma, “Save Louis Kahn’s Concert Boat” (NYRB)
Julian Bell, “The Perennial Student: The Art of Camille Pissaro” (NYRB)
Hua Hsu, “Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and the Music of Success” (New Yorker)
Hua Hsu, “Stuart Hall and the Rise of Cultural Studies” (New Yorker)
Christine Philips, “Why these professors are warning against promoting the work of straight, white men” (Washington Post)
Ottoman History Podcast, “Genetics and Nation-Building in the Middle East
Lydia Kiesling, “Letter of Recommendation: The Life of Marshall Hodgson”(New York Times)