Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
André Maurois, translated by David Garnett, A Voyage to the Island of the Articoles (Turtle Point Press, 2012 re-issue)
Emily Temple, “Life Advice from Adrienne Rich” (LitHub)
Matthew Kirschenbaum, “#thanksfortyping” (Track Changes: A Literary History of Word Processing tumblr)
Tressie McMillan Cottom, “The Coded Language of For-Profit Colleges” (The Atlantic)
(Audio:) Terri Gross interviewed Tressie McMillan Cottom on her recent book, Lower Ed excerpt linked above – it’s worth a listen (Fresh Air)
(Video:) Mary Beard, “Women in Power” (LRB)
Ruth Bush, ‘Digitising Militant Glossy Magazines in francophone Africa,’ (Medium)
Sheila Fitzpatrick, ‘What’s Left?,’ (London Review of Books)
Edmund Gordon, ‘In Which Angela Carter Gives No F*cks: On the early reception of The Sadeian Woman and The Bloody Chamber,’ (Literary Hub via Oxford University)
Chris Hayes, ‘Policing the Colony: From the American Revolution to Ferguson,’ (The Nation)
Tim Parks, ‘The Expendable Translator,’ (New York Review of Books)
James Oakes, “The New Cult of Consensus” (
Samuel Freeman, “The Headquarters of Neo-Marxism” (NYRB)
Martin Filler “New York’s Vast Flop” (NYRB)
Frank Bruni “The Horror of Smug Liberals” (New York Times)
Roz Kaveney, “Fantasy ethics” (TLS)
Sophie Brown, “How to escape from prison” (TLS)
William Echikson, “‘Their message is urgent’: the Holocaust survivor and his 7,000 pieces of antisemitic propaganda” (The Guardian)
Larry Harnisch, “Traumatized Nixon” (The Los Angeles Review of Books)
Christopher Benfey, “A Well-Ventilated Utopia” (The New York Review of Books)

Susan McKay, “The Irish Border” (London Review of Books)
Megan Black “Interior Imperialism” (n+1)
Hannah Gais, “From a Darling” (Baffler)
Roxanne Panchasi, “Avec l’amour au piong” (FFFH)
Norman Rush, “A Burning Collection” (NYRB)