Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Robert E. Norton, Ernst Kantorowicz: man of two bodies (TLS)
Briallen Hopper, Waveforms and the Women’s March (LARB)
Pauls Toutonghi, Leaving Aleppo (New Yorker)
Lisa Appignanesi, Cold War Freud and Freud: An Intellectual Biography review – the politics of psychoanalysis (Guardian)
Jeremy Adelman, Is global history still possible, or has it had its moment? (Aeon)
Roger Scruton, “If We Are Not Just Animals, What Are We?” (New York Times)
Darryl Pinckney, “Under the Spell of James Baldwin” (NYRB)
Mark Danner, “What He Could Do” (NYRB)
Ariel Levy, “Catherine Opie, All-American Subversive” (The New Yorker)
Carey Dunne, “The Emperor’s New Corsets” (The Baffler)
Jessica Marie Johnson, “Sowande’ Mustakeem Book Roundtable: The Moral Challenge of the Middle Passage” (Black Perspectives)
Itmar Mann, “Gunneflo Book Symposium: Israel and the Forever War” (Völkerrechtsblog)
John Palattella, “Consolation Prizes” (The Point)
Anne Chisholm, “Eleanor Roosevelt’s Life and Loves” (TLS)
Jonathan Barnes, “Fantasias of Possibility” (The Times Literary Supplement)