This week’s must-read, for college teachers especially: Eli Saslow, The white flight of Derek Black (Washington Post)
An amazing documentary about women in Saudi Arabia, with fascinating echoes of nineteenth-century Britain: Mona El-Naggar, ‘Ladies First’: Saudi Arabia’s Female Candidates (NYT)
Peter Frankopan, A city of ashes (The Times)
Debbie Cameron, a linguistic and sociological perspective On Banter, Bonding and Donald Trump (language: a feminist guide)
Jacob Silverman, Hotdogs in Zion, on Orlando’s Holy Land Experience theme park (Baffler)
Sewell Chan, Britain Will Posthumously Pardon Thousands of Gay and Bisexual Men (but maybe this isn’t such a good idea) (NYT)
Mary Beard, Antigone in 1939 (A Don’s Life)
Ian Johnson, “China: The Virtues of the Awful Convulsion” (NYRB)
Christy Wampole, “My Syllabus Myself” (“The Stone” New York Times)
Frank Lidz, “Newly Discovered Letters Bring New Insight Into the Life of a Civil War Soldier” (Smithsonian)
Lorrie Moore, “The Case of O.J. Simpson” (NYRB)
Matthew Karp, “The New World Order” (Boston Review)
Michael C. Behrent, “Bobos in Paradise: The Rise and Fall of a Multicultural Fantasy” (LARB)
John Baskin, “The Perspective of Terrence Mallick” (The Point)
Nicola Schulman, “The Genius of the Place” (New Criterion)
Whitney Martinko, “A Natural Representation of Market-Street, in Philadelphia”: An Attribution, a Story, and Some Thoughts on Future Study” (Common Place)
Eurasian Enigma: Conflict and Ideology in Cold War Afghanistan with Timothy Nunan (Harvard Davis Center)
Benjamin Brice, « Le temps des idées » (La vie des idées)
Dorothea Dieckmann, »Das wahre Leben ist die Literatur« (Deutschlandfunk)
Colin McCabe, “How John Berger Taught Us To See” (Prospect Magazine)
Frank Furedi, “Bookish fools” (Aeon)
Éric Méchoulan (trans. Lucy Garnier), “The Weight of Memory” (Books and Ideas)
Stefan Müller-Doohm, »Eine schillernde Eichendorff-Gestalt« (NZZ)
Marshall Poe interviews Nile Green on his new book Terrains of Exchange: Religious Economies of Global Islam (Oxford UP, 2015; New Books in History)
Marshall Poe interviews Arie L. Molendijk on his new book Friedrich Max Muller and the Sacred Books of the East (Oxford UP, 2016; New Books in History)
Sam Tanenhaus, “Rise of the Reactionary” (The New Yorker)
And finally, « À propos de la bibliothèque idéale » (1988; via INA)
Ursula K. Le Guin, “I Wish We Could All Live in a Big House with Unlocked Doors” (Guardian)
Sarah Leonard and Ann Snitow, “The Kids Are Alright: A Legendary Feminist on Feminism’s Future” (The Nation)
Allison Meier, “Edward Weston Took Photographs for Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass” (Hyperallergic)
Claudia Rankine, “Why I’m Spending $625,000 To Study Whiteness” (Guardian)