Susan Pedersen reviews Robert Vitalis: Destined to Disappear: ‘Race Studies’ (LRB)
Tamson Pietsch, Great Gatsby Gap Year (Cap and Gown)
Heather Ellis, Grammar Schools: Taking the Long View (History Matters, University of Sheffield)
Stefan Collini, How to Be Ourselves:
Justin Bengry interviews Emma Vickers on Queen and Country: Same-Sex Desire in the British Armed Forces (Notches)
Sam Knight, The man who brought you Brexit (Guardian)
Jonathan Jones, More savage than Caravaggio: the woman who took revenge in oil (Guardian)
Ross Perlin, Nostalgia for World Culture: A New History of Esperanto (LARB)
John Fleming, Groping: A Brief Literary History (Gladly Lerne Gladly Teche)
Jack Hamilton, “How Rock and Roll Became White” (Slate)
Christopher de Hamel, “Who Owned this Canterbury Psalter?” (Guardian)
Rich Rennicks, “Lynd Ward and the Wordless Novel” (The New Antiquarian)
Joseph M. Adelman “A Resource I Want: The Bible in Early America” (The Junto)
At the New York Society Library, we’re proud to announce that a finding aid is now available for our institutional archive in our digital collections portal, City Readers.  There’s circulation records, librarians’ papers, membership lists, ephemera, and more waiting to find its way into your research.
Nicholas Smith, “New Display Opens – David Garrick: Book Collector” (V&A)
Jared Yates Sexton, “Donald Trump’s Toxic Masculinity” (NY Times)
I’ve also got new piece up on the NYSL blog – when Herman Melville was a Library member, our building was in the 6th Ward, home of the infamous Five Points.  Click here for the whole story.
Joyce Carol Oates, “Shirley Jackson in Love & Death” (NYRB)

Aimée Kiene & Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “Beyoncé’s feminism isn’t my feminism” (de Volksrant)

Julie Philips, “The Fantastic Ursula K. Le Guin” (New Yorker)

Dennis Duncan, “Pulp non-fiction” (TLS)

Rowan Jacobsen, “Obituary: Great Barrier Reef (25 Million BC-2016)” (Outside Online)


Freeman Dyson, The Green Universe: A Vision (NYRB)
Adam Kuper, Philosopher Among Indians (TLS)
Bernard Porter, Send More Blondes (LRB)
Emily Witt, A Six Day Walk Through the Alps, Inspired by Simone de Beauvoir (New York Times Magazine)

Luc Sante, “My Lost City” (New York Review)
Alex Petland, “To Rescue Democracy, Go Outside” (Nautilus)
Serge Gruzinsky, “What is Global history” (Public Books)
Paul Heideman and Jonah Birch, “The Trouble with Anti-Anti Racism” (Jacobin)
Matthew Mason, “Morality, Politics, and Compromise: The Plight and Prospects of the Moderate, Then and Now” (Common-Place)