Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Robert F. Worth, “In the Attic of Early Islam” (NYR Daily)
Mary Beard, “Unholy Roman Emperor” (TLS)
John T. McGreevy, “Civil Religion for a Diverse Nation” (LARB)
Michael Kimmelman, “The Craving for Public Squares” (NYRB)
Aaron R. Hanlon, “Are PhD Students Irrational?” (LARB)
My research group in New York is hosting a public event on “The Victorians and the Moderns” on the morning of September 16. All are welcome!
Archive on 4: Dial-a-Poem (BBC Radio 4)
Jason Stanley, My Parents’ Mixed Messages on the Holocaust (NY Times)
Musab Younis, Racism, Pure and Simple (LRB Blog)
Corin Throsby, Byron burning (TLS)
Melissa Morris, Hogshead Revisited: a short-term fellowship report (Omohundro Institute blog)
Colm Tóibín, Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis — one of the greatest love letters ever written (Guardian)
Laur M. Jackson, “Out of Cite” (The Awl)
Emmett Rensin, “The Union Libel: On the Argument against Collective Bargaining in Higher Ed” (LARB)
The Skin and Bones of History” (Magistra et Mater)
Beck Lawton, “The Great Medieval Bake-Off” (The Medieval Manuscripts Blog)
José Manuel Prietos, Atomic Light (NYR Daily)
Musab Younis, Racism, Pure and Simple (LRB Blog)
(interview) Svetlana Alexievich and John Freeman, How the Writer Listens: Svetlana Alexievich (Literary Hub)
Frederic Jameson, “Raymond Chandler in LA” (Verso)
Adam Gopnik, “Learning from the Slaughter in Attica” (New Yorker)
Rajan Menon, “Realpolitik or Realism?” (New Rambler Review)
John T. McGreevy, “Civil Religion for a Diverse Nation” (LA Review of Books)
Dana Goodyear, “A Monument to Outlast Humanity” (New Yorker)