Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Historians of Britain, British Empire, and related fields might want to check out the program and details for this year’s North American Conference on British Studies, to be held in Washington, DC in November.
Eleanor Parker, ‘On hærfeste ham gelædeð’: Anglo-Saxon Harvests (A Clerk of Oxford)
L.D. Burnett, Holding On to What Makes Us Human (Chronicle)
Ella Haselswerdt, Re-Queering Sappho (Eidolon)
Interview with a Bookstore: Heffers in Cambridge, celebrating 140 years of bookselling (Guardian)
The Whale Menopause (BBC Radio 4)
Cecilia Kang, How to Give Rural America Broadband? Look to the Early 1900s (NY Times)
Jane Eagan “An Unexpected Discovery: Early Modern Recycling” (Merton College Library Conservation Blog)
Caroline Duroselle-Melish “Don Quixote on an Early Paper Cover” (The Collation)
Don Skemer, “Commonplace Books and Uncommon Readers” (Princeton)
Andrew McGill “Can Twitter Fit Inside the Library of Congress?” (The Atlantic)
Michael Sorkin, “The Donal Trump Blueprint” (The Nation)
Barack Obama, “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” (Glamour)
Poems of Li Po & Tu Fu, Translated by Arthur Cooper (Penguin Random House, 1973) – I picked this up on Tuesday night at a sidewalk stall on 1st Avenue at 12th Street run by The Brother in Elysium. If you’re in the East Village, he’s often there.
Geoffrey O’Brien, The Genius of James Brown (NYRB)
A Brief History of the Olympic Games (The Economist)
David Cole, The Drone Presidency (NYRB)
Jeremy Butman, Against Sustainability (The Stone, New York Times)
Timothy Beck Werth, The First Trans Woman in Western Fiction (The Awl)
Robert Macfarlane, The Secrets of the Wood Wide Web (New Yorker)
Matthew Lister, Alien Ideas: The Political Philosophy of Immigration (The New Rambler Review)
Nathaniel Rich, When Parks were Radical (The Atlantic)
Chris Drudge, Distraction can make you a faster cyclist (Nautilus)
Nicole Caruto, Twelve Key Findings in Deliberative Democracy Research (Daedalus)
John McWorter, The Rag Man – Scott Joplin (American Prospect)
Mary Beard, What Does the Latin Actually Say (A Don’s Life)
Guy Halsall, Gender in the Merovingian World (Historian on the Edge)
Roman Gold Curse Tablets Found in Serbia (The History Blog)