Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Stacy Schiff, “‘Elizabeth: The Forgotten Years,’ by John Guy” (NYT Book Review)
Sara Lipton, “The First Anti-Jewish Caricature?” (NYR Daily)
Sara Giorgini, “The Garrisoned Heart” (USIH Blog)
And a shout-out to the @PoliticsofPaper conference that took place this week!
Pierre Assouline, « L’énigme Chris Marker » (La république des livres)
Giles Bergel, “Printing Cliches” (The Printing Machine)
Carole Desbarats, « Faire face » (Esprit)
Claire Gallien, « Paris à l’heure indienne » (La vie des idées)
Peter E. Gordon, “The Odd Couple” (The Nation)
Jeremy Harding, “A Rage for Abstraction” (LRB)
Annie Jourdan, « Comment vint la Terreur » (La vie des idées)
Martin Mulsow, »Als der Professor einen “Purschen” hatte« (NZZ)
Peter Pomerantsev, “Diary” (LRB)
Bernd Schneid, »Die „New Freud Studies“ als notwendige Forschungsrichtung« (
And finally, Todd Meyers interviews Pamela Reynolds on her recent book War in Worcester: Youth and the Apartheid State (Fordham Univ. Press, 2012; Youtube)
I’ve read a lot about Brexit this week, but this is historicist enough to belong in this roundup: James Stafford, The Right-Wing Roots of Britain’s EU Referendum (Dissent)
Mo Moulton, Dorothy L. Sayers, Marjorie Barber, and the Story of a Wartime Lemon (The Toast)
Timothy Nunan, De-Segregating International Relations: A Conversation with Robert Vitalis on ‘White World Order, Black Power Politics’ (Toynbee Prize Global History Forum)
Michael Press, Why Do We Care About Palmyra So Much? (Hyperallergic)
L.D. Burnett on area studies and canon wars at Stanford: A Host of Complex Subjects (S-USIH Blog)
Bettany Hughes, Banishing Eve, Episode 2 (BBC Radio 4)
Daniel Mendelsohn, How Greek Drama Saved the City (NYRB)
Marc Parry, A Reckoning: Colonial atrocities and academic reputations on trial in a British courtroom (Chronicle)
In archival news:
Food Programme: An Archive For Food at the British Library (BBC Radio 4)
Jarrett Drake, A Hope and A Hypothesis: The Curious Case of the Sonia Sotomayor ’76 Interview, on the trials and tribulations of digital archives (Mudd Manuscript Library Blog)
Tom Carson, “True Fakes on Location” (The Baffler)
Andrew Copson, “The Ancient Roots of Humanism” (New Humanist Review)
Atul Gawande, “The Mistrust of Science” (New Yorker)
John Holbo, “Reason and Persuasion: Three Dialogues by Plato
Martin O’Neill, “What we Owe Each Other: T. M. Scanlon’s Egalitarian Philosophy” (Boston Review)
Rachel Hope Cleves, “The Forgotten History of Gay Liberation: An Interview With Jim Downs” (Notches)
Erik Gray, “Everybody Wants a Piece of Milton” (LARB)
Jeet Heer, “Muhammed Ali’s Greatest Victory Came When He Didn’t Fight” (New Republic)
Marco Roth, “Unloveable Neighbors” (The Towner)
‘I Am an Antichrist’: Demons, Vices, and Punks” (Medieval Manuscripts Blog)
History at Your Feet: The 20 Most Historically Important Floors in Britain” (The Society for Protecting Ancient Buildings Blog)
Lesley M.M. Blume, “Falling for Fitzgerald” (The Paris Review Daily)
Chloë Kennedy, “LSA Panel Summary: ‘Law As…’: Law, Method History” (Legal History Blog)
Jessica Lachenal, “Hollywood’s Looking to Whitewash [Rumi] for Historical Biopic” (The Mary Sue)
X-Rays Reveal 1,300-year-old writings inside later books” (The Guardian)
Meaghan J. Brown, “What’s in a genre?”(The Collation)
Dan Piepenberg, “George Plimpton on Muhammed Ali, the Poet” (Paris Review)
Emily Wells, “Transforming the Printers’ File into a Linked Data Open Resource” (Past is Present)
Heather Wolfe, “A Pictorial Table of Contents” (The Collation)
Tessa Hadley, “At Home in the Past” (The New Yorker)
Edward Mendelson, “In the Depths of the Digital Age” (NYRB)
Vann R. Newkirk II, “Precision Medicine’s Post-Racial Promise” (The Atlantic)
Nathaniel Popkin, “Two Old Jewish Socialists: Henry Roth Meets Bernie Sanders” (Tablet Magazine)
Masha Gessen, “Drawing the Iron Curtain” (NYR Daily)
Micah Mattix, “Minds Like Ducks” (The Weekly Standard)
Edward Mendelson, “In the Depths of the Digital Age” (NYRB)
Corin Throsby, “Byron Burning” (TLS)