Please welcome Yitzchak Schwartz, a new contributing editor who is joining us this month! You can read more about him on the Masthead page.
L.D. Burnett, On Lamentations for a Lost Canon (Chronicle)
Charlotte Higgins, Tudormania: why can’t we get over it? (Guardian)
Eamon Duffy, A Great, Ignored Transformation?, review of Joel Kaye’s new A History of Balance (NYRB)
The Early Music Show: Hampton Court and Edward VI (BBC Radio 3)
Diane Johnson, The Quest for Gay Pleasure (NYRB)
Alastair Gee, The Moving Revelations of Gay Home Movies (New Yorker)
Andrew Butterfield, “Botticelli: Love, Wisdom, Terror” (NYRB)
Michael Bulley, “There once was a writer called Lear…” (TLS Blog)
Tim Parks, “How Italy Improved my English” (NYRB)
Sheng Yun, “Little Emperors” (LRB)
Linda Greenhouse, “The Bittersweet Victories of Women” (NYRB)
This weekend I’ve been enjoying “Europe without Borders,” a conference to celebrate forty years of European cultural studies at Princeton.
Cara Giaimo, The Hidden Messages of Colonial Handwriting (Atlas Obscura)
Brian Droitcour, Coming Up Roses: Alex Da Corte at MASS MoCA (Art in America)
Charlotte Higgins, Tudormania: why can’t we get over it? (Guardian)
Garret Keizer, Solidarity and Survival (Lapham’s Quarterly)
Paul Dolan, The Social Construction of Stories: How Narratives Can Get in the Way of Being Happier (Edge)
Juliana Spahr, Richard So, Andrew Piper, Beyond Resistance: Towards a Future History of Digital Humanities (LARB)
Daniel Little, Hofstadter on the Progressive Historians (Understanding Society)
Josh Mitteldorf and Dorion Sagan, Why Aging Isn’t Inevitable (Nautilus)
Craid Fehrman, The qwerty history of the word processor (Boston Globe)
Michael Dirda, ‘Letters of a Dead Man’: a travel guide like no other (WaPo)
Sara Guaglione, ‘Forbes’ features print ad with video player (Publisher’s Weekly)
David Weinberger, Rethinking Knowledge in the Internet Age (LARB)