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Mary Beard, BBC Latin (A Don’s Life)
David Tennant et al., Look Back in Anger; Tennant Looks Back at Osborne (BBC Radio 4)
Eleanor Parker, May Miscellany (A Clerk of Oxford)
Adam S. Cohen, Harvard’s Eugenics Era (Harvard Magazine)
Rahul Rao, On Statues (The Disorder of Things)
Jacqueline Rose, Who do you think you are? Trans Narratives (LRB)
Jacqueline Woodson, Why James Baldwin Still Matters (Vanity Fair)
Kevin M. Kruse, The Religious Right and the Politics of Sexuality: An Interview with Neil J. Young (Notches)
Christopher Benfey, A Wonderfully Ephemeral College (NYRB)
Mallory Ortberg, Texts from Samuel Coleridge (The Toast)
Ingrid D. Rowland, “Wonders in the Met’s New Box” (NYRB)
L. D. Burnett, “Digital Humanities and the Neoliberal Takeover of the University: A Response” (USIH Blog)
Karl Steel, “Animals, Gesture, and Communication Despite it All” (In the Middle)
Anka Muhlstein, “Degas Invents a New World” (NYRB)
Jean-Baptiste Amadieu, « Dialogue avec des censeurs » (La vie des idées)
Luisa Bertollni, “Che colori vedevano i greci?” (Doppiozerio)
Michal Choptiany, “On card catalogues” (Chronologia Universalis)
Vanessa Cook, “Eighty Years Since Bread and Wine: Ignazio Silone’s Christian Socialism” (Dissent)
Anthony Gottlieb, “Who Was David Hume?” (New York Review of Books)
Thomas Grillot, “The Ancestor Seeker: An Interview with Michel Brunet” (Books and Ideas)
Ina Hartwig, »Kult um das Jetzt« (Die Zeit)
Ilko-Sascha Kowalczuk, »Die Aufarbeitung ist gescheitert« (TAZ)
Grégoire Leménager, « On a lu le tout premier roman de Georges Perec » (Nouvel observateur)
Marnin Young, “Photography and the Philosophy of Time: Gustave Le Gray’s Great Wave, Sète” (Nonsite.org)
And finally, a new French edition of Reinhart Koselleck’s Le futur passé (EHESS, 2016) with a preface by Sabina Loriga
Elisa Gabbert, The Point of Tangency (Smart Set)
Marco Grassi, Van Dyck Portraits at the Frick (New Criterion)
Todd Landon Barnes, Shakespeare in 2016 (Public Books)
Matthew Clair, Black Intellectuals and White Audiences (Public Books)
Daniel Little, Large structures and social change (Understanding Society)
Nathalie Goedert, Les Univers Juridiques de Star Trek (IMAJ)
Charles West, Will the Real Roman Emperor Please Stand Up? (Turbulent Priests)
Kera Bolonik, Down the Research Rabbit Hole: A Conversation with Alexander Chee (JSTOR Daily)
Ruins of Ancient Air Conditioning Found in Kuwait (The History Blog)