I had an ambivalent response to G.W. Bowersock, The Classics: A Subtle New View (NYRB)
Jonathan Freedland, Maggie and the Storm over Europe (NYRB)
Jonathan Downing, Prophecy and the Southcottian ‘Canon’ (Southcottian Studies)
Free Thinking: Evelyn Waugh (BBC Radio 3)
‘When I see blossoms spring’ (Clerk of Oxford)
Adam Schatz, How did we end up here?, on Islamophobia in Europe (LRB Blog)
CFP: History of Sexuality ECR Workshop, 26-27 July, University of Exeter
Mallory Ortberg, Texts from Young Werther (The Toast)
Jan Machielson, “A mother’s trials,” review of Ulinka Rublack’s The Astronomer and the Witch (TLS)
Stefan Bauer, “Matthew Parker: Origin Stories for Ecclesiastical Polity,” a report on the recent CRASSH/Corpus Christi, Cambridge conference on the archbishop (History and Theology)
Mark Empey, “Petitioning women to unruly women: warrants as a resource” (RECIRC Blog)
Peter Schjeldahl, “A Few Words about the Faux Rembrandt” (New Yorker)
New York locals should not miss the book fairs this weekend at the Park Avenue Armory and St. Ignatius Loyola in particular. Hundreds of booksellers from all over the world will be hawking their wares in booths packed to the gills with books, letters, medieval manuscripts, modern literary manuscripts, ephemera, and photographs. Also, the people watching is top notch—the Armory in particular is a very special New York scene. I’ll say it again, don’t miss it!
Elizabeth Hardwick, Sleepless Nights (NYRB Reissue with an introduction by Library of America editor Geoffrey O’Brien)
Ian Johnson, A Revolutionary Discovery in China (NYRB)
“Neglected Books Revisited” Part 1 & Part 2 (The American Scholar)
Michelle Dean, The Wreck, on Adrienne Rich’s feminist awakening (New Republic)
Nathaniel Rich, An Amazon Without Certainty (NYR Daily)
Robert Mcfarlane, Generation Anthropocene: How Humans Have Altered the Planet Forever (The Guardian)
James Delbourgo, Art in the New Plutocracy (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
Robert Kaiser, The Disaster of Richard Nixon (NYRB)
James Angelos, The New Europeans (The New York Times)
Marshall Yarbrough, Objectively False (Full Stop)
Raishay Lin, ‘Last Lecture:’ Annette Gordon-Reed Traces Her Journey to Lawyer and Historian (Harvard Law Today)
Otto Vervaart, An Age of Lawyers and Literature (Rechtsgeschiedenis Blog)
Meg Miller, Ancient Church Resurrected in Ghostly Wire Mesh (Co.Design)
Amanda Hess, Who’s ‘They?’ (New York Times Magazine)
Jamil Zaki, How to Avoid Empathy Burnout (Nautilus)
Eyal Weizman, Calculating the Lesser Evil (Verso)
Timothy Shenk, Is it Time to Retire the Term Revolution? (Dissent)
Brian Goldstone, Justice for All (Jacobin)
William James, The Human Response (Lapham’s Quarterly)