Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
John Morgan, US PhD graduate detained in UK immigration removal centre (THE)
Ben Jackson, Immigration Scandals (LRB Blog)
Will Self, On the Thames Towpath with Samuel Pepys (Guardian)
Sarah Kershaw, The race to save ancient Islamic manuscripts from terrorists who want them destroyed (Washington Post)
James Grossman, Introduction to the AHA Plenary on “The Confederacy, Its Symbols, and the Politics of Public Culture,” January 7, 2016 (AHA Today)
Unsurprisingly, Javier Espinoza, Cecil Rhodes statue to remain at Oxford University after alumni threaten to withdraw millions (Telegraph)
James Romm, Be Spartans! (LRB)
Benedict Anderson, Frameworks of Comparison (LRB)
Janet Malcolm, ‘A Very Sadistic Man’, on a problematic new biography of Ted Hughes (NYRB)
Ben Lerner, The Art of Conservation (New Yorker)
Rebecca Onion, America’s Other Original Sin: enslavement of Native Americans (Slate)
Edward Mendelson, “A Different T. S. Eliot” (NYRB)
Darryl Pinckney, “The Anger of Ta-Nehisi Coates” (NYRB)
Ellen Barry, “Indian Women Seeking Jobs Confront Taboos and Threats” (NYT)
Milly Budny, “Scrap of Information” (Blog for Manuscript Studies)
Sarah Laskow “How the ‘Einstein of Sex’ Kept the World’s First LGBT Movie Safe from Nazis” (Atlas Obscura)
Jennifer Bendery “Concepcion Picciotto Died. You Know Where She Stood, Even If You Don’t Know Her Name” (Huffington Post)
Paul Szewezyk, “Retracing Detroit’s Native American Trails” (Detroit Urbanism)
Mahesh Rao, “London Lost and Found” (NYT Sunday Review)
Andrew Hartman, “Marx: American Alter Ego” (USIH Blog)
Jonathan Meades, “Favourite Without Portfolio” (London Review of Books)
Josh Feldman and Emma Tehrenfeld, “Before the War on Drugs: Review of The War on Alcohol: Prohibition and the Rise of the American State” (Los Angeles Review of Books)
Courtney Martin, “The Problem with Diversity“, (On Being)
Corey Robin, “How Intellectuals Create a Public“, (Chronicle)
Charles Taylor, “The Ideal of Authenticity” (Spiked Online Review)
Zing Jianying, “China: Surviving the Camps” (NYRB)
Wolfgang Streeck “What About Capitalism: Jurgen Habermas’s Project of a European Democracy“, (Verso Books)

Rhian Sasseen, a dear friend, The Death of the Author (LARB)

Allison Meier Witch Marks, Curses, and Magic in the Neglected History of Medieval Graffiti (Hyperallergic)

Shannon Wianecki When America’s Titans of Industry and Innovation Went Road-Tripping Together (Smithsonian)

Huge Collection of Medieval Documents Discovered in Gniezno (Science & Scholarship in Poland)