Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
My department is hiring a lecturer in modern British history! Come work with us!
Mark Brown, John Dee painting originally had circle of human skulls, x-ray imaging reveals (Guardian)
Edward Mendelson, Obama as Literary Critic (NYRB)
Mo Moulton, Watching Downton Abbey with an Historian: The Case of the Missing Vicar (The Toast)
Javier Espinoza, Oxford Union backs motion to remove Cecil Rhodes statue (Telegraph)
Check out Rethinking Sexology, a new interdisciplinary research project at the University of Exeter
James Grossman, “Safe From” and “Safe For”: Academics, University Culture, and “Campus Carry” (AHA Perspectives)
Ben Lerner, The Custodians, on museum conservation (New Yorker)
Janet Malcolm, ‘A Very Sadistic Man’, on a biography of Ted Hughes gone wrong (NYRB)
Rio Fernandes, “Prominent Medieval Scholar’s Blog on ‘Feminist Fog’ Sparks an Uproar” (Chronicle)
Jonathan Hsy, “#FemFog Medievalism: Lessons Learned” (In the Middle)
Tim Parks, “In the Tumult of Translation” (NYR Daily)
Troubles at Yale: An Exchange” (NYRB)
Lyndsey Stonebrige “What history tells us about the refugee crisis” (New Humanist)
Sarah Kershaw “The Race to save ancient Islamic manuscripts from terrorists who want them destroyed” (The Washington Post)
Benedict Anderson, “Frameworks of Comparison,” (LRB)
Michael Byers, “Elon Musk, President of Mars?” (Washington Post)
Joe Karaganis and David McClure, “What a Million Syllabuses Can Teach Us”, NYT Sunday Review
Richard A. Friedman, “A Drug to Cure Fear”, NYT Sunday Review
Tim Parks, In the Tumult of Translation (NYR Daily)
Edward O’Reilly, N-YHS Institutional Archives Finding Aids Now Online (From the Stacks)
Mark Meuwese, Dealing With Refugees in 17th c. Manhattan (Gotham: A Blog for Scholars)
Kathrin Schönegg Digitizing Photography Incunabula (The Getty Iris)
Joseph Imorde Royal Cavities: The Bitter Implications of Sugar Consumption in Early Modern Europe (The Getty Iris)
Will Wilkinson “On the saying that Moderation in Pursuit of Justice is no Virtue” (Niskanen Center)
Guy Patrick Gunningham “On Bureaucracy and the Left” (LA Review of Books)
Diana Schaub “The greatness and decline of American Oratory” (Claremont)
J.B. Mackinnon “The Problem with Nature Therapy” (Nautilus)
Gene Seymour “Marching in Place: The Politics of Atonement” (The Baffler)
Dorothy Kim Antifeminism, Whiteness, and Medieval Studies, for if you read just one of the wonderful and hopeful responses to #femfog (In the Middle)

Anne Kornhauser Bringing Intellectual History back In (Legal History Blog)

David Ganz Isidore, Burckhardt and Brown (Merovingian World)

1910 Slaughter of African Americans Gets Historical Marker (The History Blog)

Liam O’Brien Trial over Stolen NYPL Books Moves Forward (Melville House)