Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Jonathan Rée, on James Harris’s Hume: An Intellectual Biography, “In such a Labyrinth” (TLS)
Jenny Uglow, “The Shame and Pride of Empire” (NYRB)
Annelisa Stephan, “Lessons from the Romans on Getting the New Year Off to a Good Start” (Getty Iris)
Dan-el Padilla Peralta, “Gettin’ Bodied by Classics: The Joys and Challenges of Public Scholarship” (Eidolon)
James R. Oestreich, “Clarion Choir delves into the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, a Rachmaninoff Rarity” (NYT)
Darryl Pinckney, “Forward Passes” (NYRB)
Hunter Oatman-Stanford, The Politics of Prejudice: How Passports Rubber-Stamp Our Indifference to Refugees (Collectors Weekly)
Brianna Nofil, ‘What a Christmas Present! Deportation!’: The Revealing History of Ellis Island’s Holiday Parties (Atlas Obscura)
Jenny Uglow, The Shame and Pride of Empire (NYRB)
Ian Buruma, A Christmas Fit for Gentiles (New Yorker)
Ilana Teitelman, On the History of Teaching and the Value of “Women’s Work” (The Toast)
R.J.W. Evans, A New Vision of Germany (NYRB)
Michael Kulikowski, They were all foreigners: ‘SPQR’ (LRB)
France opens archives of WW2 pro-Nazi Vichy regime (BBC)
Donna Zuckerberg, Bang Rome: Ovid and the Original Sin of Pickup Artistry (Eidolon)
Dan-el Padilla Peralta, Gettin’ bodied by Classics: the joys and challenges of public scholarship (Eidolon)
Andreas Beyer, »Anselm Kiefer: Sogar die Pinsel tragen Trauer« (Die Zeit)
Joseph Epstein, “Tacitus the Great” (The Weekly Standard)
Alexander Kluge, »Heiner Müller: Was hätte er in dieser Zeit geschrieben?« (FAZ)
Walter Laqueur, “Remembering the Scholems” (Jewish Review of Books)
Mathew Mullins, “Are We Postcritical?” (LARB)
Nicole Rudick, “The Art of Instinct” (NYR Daily)
Sukhdev Sandu, “Luc Sante: ‘Money doesn’t kill people, but it changes the fabric of daily life’ ” (The Guardian)
Olga Stanisławska, « Le Monde selon Ryszard Kapuściński » (La vie des idées)
Marina Warner, “Falling Idols” (Frieze)
Chad Wellmon, “Sacred Reading: From Augustine to the Digital Humanists” (Hedgehog Review)
And finally, Lorraine Daston’s lecture “The Rule of Rules, or How Reason Became Rationality” (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin; Vimeo)

Zack Hatfield: A Tale of One City: “Cincinnati Goddamn” (LA Review of Books)

Matthew Mullins, Are We Post Critical? (LARB)
Elias Muhanna, How Has Islamic Orthodoxy Changed Over Time? (The Nation)
Marina Warner, Falling Idols (Frieze Magazine)
Emily Cooke, Same Mistakes (Harper’s)
Martin Gayford, Why Would a Dissolute Rebel Like Paul Gaugin Paint a Nativity? (The Spectator)

A Medieval Guide to Predicting the Year (

Joe Fassler The Radical History of 1960s Adult Coloring Books (The New Republic)

Otto Vervaart Legacies in Brick, a walking tour of Dutch legal history (Rechtsgeschiedenis Blog)