Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Gary Wills, “Splendors of the Dead” (NYR Daily)
Arnold Hunt, “Sins of the Preacher” (TLS)
G. W. Bowersock, “Inside the Emperors’ Clothes” (NYRB)
Andy Friedman, on how Frank Sinatra curated his albums and used technology (New Yorker)
Q&A with artist William Kentridge (The Economist)
Marco Belpoliti, “Robert Walser, perso e ritrovato nei suoi microgrammi” (Doppiozero)
Sophie Corbillé, « La ville vécue » (La vie des idées)
Peter Mendelsund, “ ‘The Book Cover in the Weimar Republic’ and ‘Graphic Obsession’ ” (New York Times)
Jamie Saxon, “What I Think: Alexander Nehamas” (News at Princeton)
Julia Eva Wannenmacher, »Cui bono? Über Sinn und Nutzen einer Übersetzung der Werke Joachims von Fiore« (
Tristan Weddigen, »Morphologie einer Wissenschaft« (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)
Todd Weir, interview with Stefan Berger on his new book The Past as History: National Identity and Historical Consciousness in Modern Europe (New Books in History)
John Yau, “Franz Winter’s Crystalline Vision” (Hyperallergic)
Johannes Zachhuber, “Max Weber on Religion: Beyond Secularization” (LARB)
And finally, the first of four recorded sessions of the ‘Models of Change in History and Anthropology’ (1977) seminars with Peter Burke, Ernest Gellner, Jack Goody, Sally Humphrey, Arnaldo Momigliano, and E.P. Thompson among others (SSRC via YouTube)
The two most personally captivating things I read on the internet this week:
Sarah Gulick, Alan Hollinghurst, the Gay Novel, and British Reticence (The Toast)
Jane Hu, Between Us: A Queer Theorist’s Devoted Husband and Enduring Legacy (New Yorker)
Jason Pedicone, Classicists, Your Name is Legion: The Paideia Institute announces the Legion Project (Eidolon): classicists and lapsed classicists, take note! In other news, Paideia also is receiving the President’s Award of the Society of Classical Studies.
They’re back! And I’m hooked: Lisa Hix, Dissecting the Dream of the 1890s: My Skype Date with Those Curious Neo-Victorians (Collectors Weekly)
Speaking of Auden, Andrew Belonsky, Today in Gay History: WH Auden’s Blowjob Poem (OUT Magazine)
Gary Wills, The ‘Mind as a Beautiful Miracle’, on Marilynne Robinson (NYRB)
Alison Smale, Scholars Unveil New Edition of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ (NY Times)
Jess Zimmerman, C.S. Lewis’ Greatest Fiction: Convincing American Kids That They Would Like Turkish Delight (Atlas Obscura)
Jeremy Adelman, We’re Having the Wrong Debate About Woodrow Wilson (Chronicle)
Jamie Saxon, What I Think: Alexander Nehamas (Princeton Office of Communications)
David Runciman, Fear in Those Eyes: Thatcher in Her Bubble (LRB)
Phillip Collins, “What Robert Caro taught me about the Individual” (Prospect Magazine)
Margaret Levi, “A New Agenda for the Social Sciences” (Crooked Timber)
Daniel Little, “Historical vs. sociological explanation” (Understanding Society)
Lisa Ruddick, “When Nothing is Cool” (The Point)
Jennifer Schuessler, “Woodrow Wilsons’ Legacy Gets Complicated” (New York Times)
Laura Heymann “Authorship, Attribution, and Audience” (Jotwell)
Gary Wills “Splendors of the Dead” (NYRB)
Cathy Cohen and Shirley Jackson, “Ask a Feminist: A Conversation with Cathy Cohen on Black Lives Matter, Feminism, and Contemporary Activism” (Signs)
Margalit Fox, “Fatema Mernissi, a Founder of Islamic Feminism, Dies at 75” (NY Times)
Jane Hu, “Between Us: A Queer Theorist’s Devoted Husband and Enduring Legacy” (New Yorker)
Rebecca Onion, “What if?” (Aeon Magazine)
Rulon-Miller Books, Dec. 8 Short List
Julian Brooks, Andrea del Sarto: The Renaissance Workshop in Action (catalogue accompanying the Frick’s ongoing exhibition)
Alberto Manguel, “From Alexandria to Babel” (TLS)
Oliver Sacks, Awakenings (Revised Edition, 1990)
Joy Williams, “Connect the Sots” (BookForum)
Drew Gilpin Faust, “John Hope Franklin: Race & the Meaning of America” (New York Review of Books)
Sandra Kegel, »Interview mit Jonathan Landgrebe: „Wir Haben keine Angst vor Misserfolgen“« (FAZ)
Thomas Meaney, “The Machiavelli of Maryland” (The Guardian)
Francine Prose, “Love is the Plot” (NYR Daily)