Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Alberto Manguel, “From Alexandria to Babel” (TLS)
Ingrid Rowland, “Sublime, Exhilarating Del Sarto” (NYRB)
Tim Parks, “A Novel Kind of Conformity” (NYRB)
Ben Taub, “The Real Value of the ISIS Antiquities Trade” (New Yorker)
Kathryn Dickason, “Stanford historian says falsified medieval history helped create feminism” (Stanford Report)
Peter E. Gordon, “An Opera of Permanent Catastrophe, and of Hope” (The Nation)
Otto Kallscheuer, »Religionsfreiheit und emotionale Intelligenz« (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)
Jhumpa Lahiri, “Teach Yourself Italian” (New Yorker)
Alberto Manguel, “From Alexandria to Babel” (TLS)
Raphaël Morea, « Versailles ou la nature tyrannisée » (La vie des idées)
Cord Riechelmann and Danilo Scholz, »Gespräch mit Philippe Descola« (Merkur)
Alex Ross, “The Shadow” (New Yorker)
Laura Stark et al., interview with Nick Hopwood on his new book Haeckel’s Embryos: Images, Evolution, and Fraud (New Books in History)
John McWhorter, “English is Not Normal” (Aeon)
And finally, a wonderful collection of photographs from the great Robert Capa (Le Nouvel Observateur)
Eleanor Parker, ‘Swa leaf on treowum’, on Advent (Clerk of Oxford)
Ange Mlinko, A Poet Who Believed in Nothing As Love, on James Merrill (The Nation)
W. David Marx, Stalking the Wild Madras Wearers of the Ivy League (New Yorker)
Marni Sandweiss, Woodrow Wilson, Princeton, and the Complex Landscape of Race (The Nation)
Jennifer Schuessler, Woodrow Wilson’s Legacy Gets Complicated (NY Times)
Constantine Sandis and Nassim N. Taleb, “The Silver Rule of Acting under Uncertainty” (The Philosophers Magazine)
Erik Olin Wright, “How to be an anticapitalist today” (Jacobin Magazine)
Amitai Eltizioni, “Right does not make it Right” (The American Scholar)
Paul Krugman, “Challenging the Oligarchy” (The New York Review of Books)
Leonard Cohen, reciting  Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s “In Flanders Field” (Youtube)
Arthur Krystal, “The Book of Books” (New Yorker)
Nina Martyris, “Death by Coconut: A Story of Food Obsession Gone Too Far” (The Salt)
Shannon Mattern, “Library as Infrastructure” (Places)
Bhrigupati Singh, “Writing with Love and Hate” (Savage Love)
Jonathan Hsy et al., “#InclusiveSyllabus: Tips for Premodernists” (Storify)
Manuscript fragments bear ‘striking resemblance to the Book of Kells’ ” (
Emma Duncan, “Cracking Coder” (Economist)
Erin Allen, “A Legacy of Librarians” (Library of Congress Blog)
Jen Carlson, “Inside The NYPL’s Eerily Empty Rose Reading Room” (Gothamist)
Bruce Holsinger, “Written on Beasts” (NYR Daily)
Bay Leaf Books, “Radicals in the Media (eList 19)
Karoun Demirjian and Steven Mufson, “Trick or Treaty: The legal question hanging over the Paris Climate change conference” (Washington Post)
Jörn Leonhard, “Der Nationalstaat ist tod, es lebe der Nationalstaat!” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
Christian Lorentzen, “Interview: Gordon Lish, the Art of Editing No.2” (The Paris Review)
Michele Nijhuis, “Fishers of the Yakama Nation” (The New Yorker)