Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section.
Patrick Lacroix, “Crossing Borders: Reconstructing North American Narratives” (Borealia)
Sara Georgini, “History & Story” (The Junto)
Jean Strouse, “Sargent and his People” (NYRB)
David Remnick, “Blood at the Root” (New Yorker) (h/t AG)
A new blog run by a University of Manchester research group collates research on the history of universities.
Relatedly, in this week’s news most closely related to my research, UK PM David Cameron might, while an undergraduate, have attended a party hosted by an all-male drinking society, at which he did something lewd with a pig’s head. USIH has a great, historical take: Andy Seal, The Brideshead Generation (S-USIH Blog)
My department hired some cool new people this year!
Matthew Clair, Beyond Neoliberalism, a more compelling take than most of this genre (Public Books)
Jean Strouse, Sargent and His People (NYRB)
Quentin J. Broughall, Primus inter Pares? Ancient Rome and the Victorians (Victorianist), part two in a series
Amia Srinivasan, Stop the Robot Apocalypse: The New Utilitarians (LRB)
And not least, Advyce For The Sesoun Of Returninge To Scole, ostensibly by Geoffrey Chaucer (NPR)
Pierre Assouline, « Ingeborg Bachmann, une poésie qui ne se résigne pas » (La République des livres)
Jorge Luis Borges and Osvaldo Ferrari, “A Prophet in Reverse” (NYR Daily)
Francesco M. Cataluccio, “La luce di Giotto” (Doppiozero)
Manfred Frank, »Hegel wohnt hier nicht mehr« (FAZ)
Hicham-Stéphane, « Faut-il publier les inédits de Canguilhem ? » (
Tilmann Lahme, »In Gegenwind der Nationalsozialisten« (FAZ)
Gabriele Pedullà, “The Dark Side of the Memos. Il testamento politico di Italo Calvino” (Le parole et le cose)
Edmund de Waal, “Figurines in Dachau” (The Guardian)
James Wood, “The Art of Witness” (The New Yorker)
Tara Zahra, “The Return of No Man’s Land” (Foreign Affairs)
And finally, an interview with Anthony Grafton, “Reading from the Margins” (PRI)