Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section!
Italo Calvino, “The Movies of My Youth” (trans. Christopher Burton White; NYRB Blog)
Joseph Epstein, “The Best of Scribblers” (Commentary)
Florian Fuchs, » Das Wissen ist an die Person gebunden. Eine transatlantische Beobachtung amerikanischer Universitäten« (Merkur Blog)
Barry Gewen, “Hans Morgenthau and Hannah Arendt: An Intellectual Passion” (National Interest)
Ernst-Wilhelm Händler, »Die Kunst, die Kritik und das Geld« (Merkur)
Michele Masneri, « Citofonare Malaparte » (Minima & Moralia)
Martin Meyer, »Eine Art von Erderwärmung: Hans Magnus Enzensberger über den Unfrieden« (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)
Timothy Nunan, “From Swadeshi to GDP: Discussing India’s Paths to Development With Corinna Unger” (Toynbee Prize Foundation)
Roxane Panchasi, interview with Tabitha Ewing on her book Rumor, Diplomacy and War in Enlightenment Paris (New Books in History)
Gildas Salmon, “Anthropology and the Challenge of Cognitivism” (trans. Victoria Lazar Graham; Books and Ideas)
And finally, Sarah Lipton, “Books of Jewish Beauty” (NYRB Blog)
Ishaan Tharoor, Europe’s current anti-migrant rhetoric carries echoes of 1930s anti-Semitism (Washington Post)
Colin Guthrie King, who wrote about August Boeckh and “globalized classics” for the blog, has interviewed Anthony Grafton and Constanze Güthenke (Blog for Transregional Research)
William J. Broad, How a Volcanic Eruption in 1815 Darkened the World but Colored the Arts (NY Times)
William Whyte, The Danger of Nostalgia: Historicising the Early-Career Debate (History Lab Plus)
India’s Eton (Witness, BBC World Service)
Our friends at Eidolon are hiring a managing editor!
Sharon Marcus interviews great historian of gender and the urban environment Judith Walkowitz (Public Culture)
Allan Nadler, Jesus H. (as in, Hasidic) Christ! (LARB)
Larry Cohler-Esses, Reading the Talmud in a Most Unlikely Place – Iran’s Holy City (Forward)
Stacy Schiff, “The Witches of Salem” (New Yorker)
Sara Lipton, “Books of Jewish Beauty” (NYRB Daily)
Jeffrey Wheatley, “Thinking about Secularism Globally and Robert Yelle’s The Language of Disenchantment” (History of Christianity blog)
Will Theiss, “The Menorah on the Arch” (Eidolon)
Peter Burke, on writing Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe (Ashgate blog)
Timothy Snyder, “Hitler’s World” (NYRB)