Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week. If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments section!
Elizabeth Yale, “When do official documents belong to the public?” (New Atlantic)
Upcoming deadline to work as film archives intern (Film London)
Judith Thurman, “A Loss for Words” (New Yorker)
Frederic Clark (JHI Blog contributor), “Erudition and Encyclopedism: Adam Winthrop reads Conrad Gesner’s ‘Mithridates’” (NYSL Blog)
Vanessa Heggie, “Anglo-Saxon antibiotics are just the start: time to start bioprospecting the past” (Guardian)
Dennis Marnon, “Venom for Luther, Spectacles for Calvin” (Houghton Library Blog)
Georges Didi-Huberman, “La condizione delle immagini: Intervista con Frédéric Lambert e François Niney” (Doppiozero)
Maria Luisa Ghianda, “Di profilo: le dame del Pollaiolo” (Doppiozero)
J. Hoberman, “The Mind of the Photo” (NYR Gallery)
Michael Kerrigan, “Javier Marías quotes himself” (TLS)
Tim Lacy, “Wasserman’s Great Books Arcadia and Anti-Intellectualisms Old and New (Pt. 1)” (USIH Blog)
Claus Pias, »Friedrich Kittler und der »Mißbrauch von Heeresgerät: Zur Situation eines Denkbildes 1964–1984–2014« (Merkur)
Hannelore Schlaffer, »Philister, Spießer, Schwaben« (Merkur)
Vincent Tremolet de Villers, « Marc Fumaroli : Le latin est victime des fanatismes égalitaires et utilitaires (1/2) » (Le Figaro)
Vincent Tremolet de Villers, « Marc Fumaroli : Les humanités au péril d’un monde numérique (2/2) » (Le Figaro)
And finally, footage (video and audio) of Sigmund Freud (Open Culture)
Christopher Benfey, Tarot Dreams (NYRB)
Matt Pickles et al, How Do You Design the Library of the Future? (Oxford University @ Medium)
William Whyte, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Concrete (OUP Blog)
Alex Preston, The War Against Humanities at Britain’s Universities (Guardian)
Gregory Jones-Katz, Embodied Self: The New Casual History, Part I (USIH-Blog)
Macy Halford, Hug a Medievalist (New Yorker)
Shamma Boyarin, What to Give the English King Who Has Everything (British Library)
Princeton University Library Acquires Jacques Derrida’s Personal Library (Princeton University Library)
And, not least, Mallory Ortberg, Two Medieval Monks Invent Bestiaries (The Toast)