Here are a few interesting articles and pieces we found around the web this week (with occasional significant overlap …). If you come across something that other intellectual historians might enjoy, please let us know in the comments!
Tom Goodwin, “How do Historians Write?” (Doing History in Public)
Anthony Grafton, “Scrawled Insults and Epiphanies” (NYRB)
Joyce Chaplin, “Climate History is the ‘Room of Requirement’” (Uncommon Sense)
Paul Needham, Princeton rare books gift (NPR)
Helga Arend, »Der unbekannte Klassiker« (
Karoline Döring, »Ausstellungsbesprechung: „Welten des Wissens. Die Bibliothek und die Weltchronik des Nürnberger Arztes Hartmann Schedel (1440–1514)“ (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, München)« (Mittelalter Blog,
John Foot, “Una delle “meraviglie del mondo”: l’assemblea generale” (Minima & Moralia)
Anthony Grafton, “Scrawled Insults and Epiphanies” (NYR Gallery)
Martha Hodes, “They Have Killed Our Good President” (
Uli Hufen, »Sozialistische Gefühls-Achterbahn« (Deutschlandrundfunk)
Randy Kennedy, “Two New Cézanne Works Discovered by Barnes Foundation Museum” (NY Times)
Marylin Maeso, « La tendre indifférence du monde » (La Vie des idées)
Tino Markworth, »Zum Sinn des Lebens in der Aufklärung« (
Hans-Jörg Neuschäfer, »Als ob ein neuer Dante live aus der Hölle berichtete« (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)
And finally, a rather strange video featuring Jean Hyppolite, Georges Canguilhem, Paul Ricœur, Michel Foucault, Alain Badiou, and Dina Dreyfus in conversation (Vimeo)
Mark Greif, What’s Wrong With Public Intellectuals? (Chronicle)
Frank Bruni, Higher Education, Liberal Arts, and Shakespeare (NY Times)
Maev Kennedy, Guide to Pleasures of Georgian London Acquired by Wellcome Collection (Guardian)
Andrew Mytelka, Princeton Receives $300-Million Bequest of Rare Books (Chronicle)
Dinah Birch, The Iron Way: Family History (LRB)
Katherine Angel, The Love of a Philosopher (History of Emotions Blog)
Anthony Grafton, Scrawled Insults and Epiphanies (NYRB Blog)
Sebastian Matzner, The History of Sexuality (Exeter Guild – Research Uncovered )
Alice Spawls, But She Read Freud: Flora Thompson (LRB)
And, not least, 100 Actual Titles of Real Eighteenth-Century Novels (The Toast)