We’re pleased to note that the January 2015 issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas (volume 76 issue 1) is now available at Project Muse, with the print edition sent out to subscribers shortly. As you’ll see from the table of contents, the articles in this issue all share connections to the history of science and philosophy, from early modern Aristotelianism to twentieth-century American anthropology:
Marco Sgarbi, Benedetto Varchi on the Soul: Vernacular Aristotelianism between Reason and Faith, pp. 1-23
Lucian Petrescu, Cartesian Meteors and Scholastic Meteors: Descartes against the School in 1637, pp. 25-45
Katherine Butler, Myth, Science, and the Power of Music in the Early Decades of the Royal Society, pp. 47-68
Francesco Bellucci, Logic, Psychology, and Apperception: Charles S. Peirce and Johann F. Herbart, pp. 69-91
Stephanie L. Schatz, Lewis Carroll’s Dream-child and Victorian Child Psychopathology, pp. 93-114
David Greenham, “Altars to the Beautiful Necessity”: The Significance of F. W. J. Schelling’s “Philosophical Inquiries in the Nature of Human Freedom” in the Development of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Concept of Fate, pp. 115-137
Gabriel Alejandro Torres Colón and Charles A. Hobbs, The Intertwining of Culture and Nature: Franz Boas, John Dewey, and Deweyan Strands of American Anthropology, pp. 139-162
Of course, you’ll need an individual subscription, or be connected to an institutional network with a subscription, in order to access the articles. If you’d like to receive your own print copy (and support the excellent work that our friends at the Journal do), consider subscribing!