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Theory of History

The Futures Past of the Postcolonial Present

by David Scott

Collective Memory, the Public Sphere, and the Remote Historical Past

by guest contributor Jeffrey A. Barash

Time to Remember—Is There a Future to Collective Memory?

by guest contributor Nitzan Lebovic

Let the Right Women In

by guest contributor Yung In Chae When professional troll James Delingpole recently bemoaned in the Spectator the demise of “a real Oxbridge education” at the hands of misguided social justice initiatives, professional classicist Mary Beard ended her response with the… Continue Reading →

Working Through Collective Memory

by guest contributor Asaf Angermann

Symbols, Collective Memory, and Political Principles 

by guest contributor Andrew Dunstall 

A Practical Past Beyond the Historical Past?

by guest contributor Sophie Marcotte Chénard

History as Critique

by guest contributor Michael Meng

“Towards a Great Pluralism”: Quentin Skinner at Ertegun House

by contributing editor Spencer J. Weinreich Quentin Skinner is a name to conjure with. A founder of the Cambridge School of the history of political thought. Former Regius Professor of History at the University of Cambridge. The author of seminal… Continue Reading →

Global/Universal History: A Warning

by contributing editor Disha Karnad Jani Last week, in an essay on the state of global history, historian Jeremy Adelman asked, “In our fevered present of Nation-X First, of resurgent ethno-nationalism, what’s the point of recovering global pasts?” In the… Continue Reading →

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