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“They’re Going to Be Bused, Whether You Like it or Not”: Urban Whites and the Surprising Origins of Metropolitan School Desegregation

by guest contributor Michael Savage In the United States, segregated metropolitan areas are a national phenomenon, with heavily minority inner-cities typically ringed by much wealthier and predominantly white autonomous suburbs. According to 24/7 Wall St., America’s three most segregated cities… Continue Reading →

Shame, Memory, and the Politics of the Archive

by guest contributor Nicole Longpré During a research trip to the University of Leeds in the spring of 2014, I requested access to a selection of files from the papers of former Labour MP Merlyn Rees which are held by… Continue Reading →

Opinion Polls in International Perspective: The Case of West Germany

by guest contributor Sonja Ostrow One can hardly open a newspaper without being inundated by graphs and charts offering up the latest poll numbers on presidential candidates. Almost as prominent are poll results covering attitudes toward everything from religion to… Continue Reading →

Coming to Agreement: The State of Urban Public Life in American History

by contributing editor Daniel London

Institutionalized: Between American Political Development and Intellectual History

By Daniel London Two different kinds of literature sit uneasily next to each other on bookshelves. One group falls under the rubric of American political development (APD) scholarship, an innovative subfield of Political Science. The other books are more generally… Continue Reading →

Prague ’68 and the End of Time

by John Raimo Prague’s famous Wenceslas Square fell silent on August 22nd and 23rd, 1968. Warsaw Pact troops invaded what was then Czechoslovakia the day prior in order to repress what had come to known as the Prague Spring. Under… Continue Reading →

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