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Philosophy of History

Croce between Hughes & White

by contributing editor Eric Brandom The AHA met in Denver this past weekend. What follows is not a conference report, although there was much worthy of that. It is, rather, a response of sorts to two of the events I… Continue Reading →

Intellectual History and Global Transformations

By guest contributor Timothy Wright During the final weekend of this last October, eighteen graduate students from a variety of history and literature departments gathered at UC Berkeley for the “Futures of Intellectual History” graduate conference to workshop dissertation chapters… Continue Reading →

Indefatigable Polyphony, or Alexander Kluge’s Narration in Complete Thoughts

by guest contributor William Stewart Consider the oeuvre of the German filmmaker, writer, theorist, and general aesthete Alexander Kluge (b. 1932), and the word indefatigable springs to mind. The scale of Kluge’s work—thematics as much as sheer expanse and literal… Continue Reading →

Histories We Repeat

by guest contributor Timothy Scott Johnson  You know, I’ve always been suspicious of analogies. But now I find myself at a great feast of analogies, a Coney Island, a Moscow May Day, a Jubilee Year of analogies, and I’m beginning… Continue Reading →

Shame, Memory, and the Politics of the Archive

by guest contributor Nicole Longpré During a research trip to the University of Leeds in the spring of 2014, I requested access to a selection of files from the papers of former Labour MP Merlyn Rees which are held by… Continue Reading →

We Have Never Been Presentist: On Regimes of Historicity

by guest contributor Zoltán Boldizsár Simon It is great news that François Hartog’s Regimes of Historicity: Presentism and Experiences of Time has finally come out in English. The original French edition dates back to 2003, and my encounter with the… Continue Reading →

Historicizing Failure

by guest contributor Disha Jani Making meaning out of the past requires sifting: turning flotsam and jetsam into units of time and entities of subjecthood. One of the most basic ways in which historians sift is with beginnings and ends… Continue Reading →

The Methodology of Genealogy: How to Trace the History of an Idea

by guest contributor Yung In Chae We all know the story of Man the Hunter: thousands of years ago, cavemen went out and hunted food for cavewomen and cavechildren, who sat idly at home and depended on this masculine feat… Continue Reading →

Is There a Philosophy of History Today?

By guest contributor Zoltán Boldizsár Simon Is there a philosophy of history today? By this I mean a classical philosophy of history, a philosophy of history understood as the course of events. Because there certainly is philosophy of history understood… Continue Reading →

Practical Past, Runaway Future

by guest contributor Zoltán Boldizsár Simon In his latest book and recent articles, Hayden White puts the almost-forgotten notion of the “practical past” back on the scholarly agenda, and right at the center of debates within the field of philosophy… Continue Reading →

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