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Middle East

Broadly Speaking: An Interview with Alexandre Roberts

Alexander Collin interviews Alexandre Roberts about his recent JHI article, “Thinking about Chemistry in Byzantium and the Islamic World.”


By guest contributor N. A. Mansour Arabic periodicals are perhaps the greatest source for the history of the Arabic-speaking lands in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Looking for Arabic primary sources from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries can be a minefield. Some… Continue Reading →

Islamic History: Beyond Sunni-Shia

by guest contributor Basma N. Radwan Consider two vastly different versions of the same course “Introduction to Islamic Civilization.” In the first, an emphasis of political factors in Islamic group formation supersedes all other considerations. Shias, even before their inception… Continue Reading →

Sovereignty Without Borders: Discussing Afghanistan’s Cold War History with Timothy Nunan

Interview conducted by guest contributor Chloe Bordewich Timothy Nunan’s recent book, Humanitarian Invasion: Global Development in Cold War Afghanistan (2016), sets global Cold War history on an Afghan stage. It is not, however, the familiar story of the decade-long war… Continue Reading →

Rejecting Church and State in Medieval Anatolia

by guest contributor Hugh Jeffery The Çaltısuyu, a tributary of the Euphrates, flows through the dramatic canyons of eastern Anatolia. At around 1,225 meters above sea level, it emerges onto a barren highland plateau overlooked by the crumbling remains of… Continue Reading →

Passage and Place: Loci in Humanist Travel Writings

by Madeline McMahon After midday on August 14, 1483, the Dominican friar Felix Fabri and his fellow pilgrims to Jerusalem began to prepare for their celebration of the feast of the assumption of Mary. They constructed a small kind of… Continue Reading →

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