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Aristotle in the Sex Shop and Activism in the Academy: Notes from the Joint Atlantic Seminar in the History of Medicine

By Editor Spencer J. Weinreich Four enormous, dead doctors were present at the opening of the 2017 Joint Atlantic Seminar in the History of Medicine. Convened in Johns Hopkins University’s Welch Medical Library, the room was dominated by a canvas… Continue Reading →

Gold tried 500 times in the fire

by guest contributor Timothy Alborn, this post is a companion piece to his article, “The Greatest Metaphor Ever Mixed,” now out in the most recent issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas. Historians inevitably face the challenge of… Continue Reading →

Islamic History: Beyond Sunni-Shia

by guest contributor Basma N. Radwan Consider two vastly different versions of the same course “Introduction to Islamic Civilization.” In the first, an emphasis of political factors in Islamic group formation supersedes all other considerations. Shias, even before their inception… Continue Reading →

Time to Remember—Is There a Future to Collective Memory?

by guest contributor Nitzan Lebovic

Working Through Collective Memory

by guest contributor Asaf Angermann

Evolution Made Easy: Henry Balfour, Pitt Rivers, and the Evolution of Art

by guest contributor Laurel Waycott In 1893, Henry Balfour, curator of the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, UK, conducted an experiment. He traced a drawing of a snail crawling over a twig, and passed it to another person, whom he… Continue Reading →

Symbols, Collective Memory, and Political Principles 

by guest contributor Andrew Dunstall 

A Practical Past Beyond the Historical Past?

by guest contributor Sophie Marcotte Chénard

Towards an Intellectual History of Modern Poverty

by guest contributor Tejas Parasher   In Chapter 3 of The History Manifesto, David Armitage and Jo Guldi support historians’ increasing willingness to engage with topics generally left to economists. Whereas the almost total dominance of game-theoretic modelling in economics… Continue Reading →

History as Critique

by guest contributor Michael Meng

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