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Comparative Difficulties in the Global Academy

by guest contributor Nicholas Bellinson [Fu Xi] looking up… observed the images in the heavens and looking down he observed the models in the earth. He looked at how the markings of the birds and animals were appropriate to the… Continue Reading →

‘Slimy rimes’: Donne’s Contagious London

By guest contributor Alison Bumke While John Donne (1572-1631) was writing verse letters and elegies in the early 1590s, London was experiencing a major plague epidemic. His lyrics trace everyday life in a plague-stricken city, describing efforts to identify sources… Continue Reading →

Visual Affinities, Living History

by contributing editor Brooke Palmieri There are all kinds of ways in which a book’s form can intensify its content, draw its words into relationships, inscribe its title within the family trees of works written by other people in other… Continue Reading →

Science, Mysticism, and Dreams in Alice᾽s Adventures in Wonderland

by guest contributor Stephanie L. Schatz There can be something naïvely reductive and crassly materialistic about empirical analysis—especially if it relates to phenomena also commonly described as mystical, supernatural, transcendental, or sublime. Like the experimenters in Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle… Continue Reading →

“Jules Verne would roll over in his grave,” or Döblin on the Future

by guest contributor Carolyn Taratko Migrants streaming into Europe’s cities, postcolonial conflicts brought home, Greenland’s melting ice sheet, scientists emancipated from nature’s constraints through the use of genetic engineering; these sound like today’s headlines, but in fact they come from… Continue Reading →

Marcel Schwob and Moody History

by guest contributor Dylan Kenny Everyone in Paris knew Marcel Schwob (1867-1905). Journalist, critic, slang philologist, decadent symbolist fabulist, whose French Hamlet Sarah Bernhardt acted in 1899, whose 1904 lectures on François Villon were attended by Max Jacob and his… Continue Reading →

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